neighborhood bridges

neighborhood bridges is a 501(c)(3) charity based in Westerville, Ohio, that provides a platform for strategic kindness and giving in local communities. neighborhood bridges and the School Solutions Network work together to engage residents, businesses & key stakeholders to identify and address the unique needs of children, families, senior citizens, local schools and communities.


neighborhood bridges works with key community stakeholders - such as school staff, clergy, neighbors, and nonprofits - to verify and discover needs that may otherwise go unnoticed. Through its target problem solving, neighborhood bridges has helped full 100% of the posted needs for more than 400 children, families and individuals in Westerville since its inception in Januart 2017. From eye exams and graduation gowns to funds and furniture, no need is too big or small for the bridge.


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 The Pledge Fund

The Pledge Fund is a unique alternative fundraising program and service based on Promoting & Rewarding Student and School Achievements, not the selling of products. This program’s fund raising potential has the ability to fund large school projects and needs, while motivating students and their support networks, with The Pledge Fund doing the majority of the work.  The Pledge Fund program can now provide schools the opportunity to implement programs set forth by School Solutions Network, making this a dynamic strategic alliance in the mission to assist schools to the benefit the students.


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