Our Gameplan

Safety and Security

We combine innovative technology with accompanying education to empower schools to proactively increase situational awareness and reduce risk.

  • - The School Solutions Network provides schools with Status Solutions’ SARA technology platform (Situational Awareness and Response Assistant). SARA is an automated alerting engine that integrates stand-alone alarm and communication systems for centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting. From custodial accidents and allergic reactions to weather emergencies and dangerous intruders – SARA provides informative alerts to the right people at the right time – so an alarm spurs action, not panic.


- Along with SARA, the School Solutions Network provides accompanying education through interactive panels, programming and workshops to teach students, staff and communities how to proactively assess and address risk in order to identify and improve areas of weakness before a situation arises.


Community Connectivity

We connect schools and communities to elevate one another through raising awareness, fostering safety and cultivating pride in our school districts.

  • - The School Solutions Network provides a direct line of communication between schools and communities – including local law enforcement, merchants and nonprofits – to utilize the resources and alleviate the needs of both groups. This direct line comes in the form of a community liaison. Each Network is assigned a community liaison to assist with establishing and strengthening the relationships that fuel the network.


- To increase impact and source support in local communities, the School Solutions Network partners with neighborhood bridges – a 501(c)(3) charity based in Westerville, Ohio, that provides a platform for strategic kindness. Through their website and social media, neighborhood bridges uses technology to identify specific needs within a community and engage the community to fill those needs.


Expert Counsel

We provide ongoing education and expert counsel so schools can always stay up-to-date and prepared.

  • - Through the School Solutions Network, schools can receive expert counsel to address all technology and strategy needs – from technology investments and technical maintenance companies to advice on network security and workflow strategies. By remaining current on the latest technologies, schools can improve education, security and efficiencies.


- The School Solutions Network also connects participants to a wealth of community expertise from local merchants, nonprofits, law enforcement and more to address needs outside of the technology wheelhouse.


At What Cost?

We remove the financial barrier schools can face when looking to increase security, awareness and resources.

    • - Schools cannot rely on fundraising alone because schools cannot rely on funds alone; they need resources, volunteers, advocates, and sponsors. School Solutions Network utilizes proudsourcing to pull all of these necessities together in a collaborative manner and identify how every member of the community can help and progress from an ecosystem of mutual benefit.
    • - One thing is certain, the schools will not pay for a thing, rather the School Solutions Network will encourage the local business community to subscribe to an annual membership fufilling the needs of the schools. The School Solutions Network Membership fee will be based on the number of employees in each for profit organization, 50% of this fee will be given directly to the schools, 40% will be allocated to the School Solutions Network, and 10% will be donated to cancer research.

      - 50% of the membership given to the schools can be used for anything the schools might need, this ensures that local business owners will support schools consistently rather than intermittently. 40% will be allocated to the School Solutions Network to cover development and deployment of technology along with operational costs. The remaining 10% will be donated to cancer research because to be honest, it’s just the right thing to do.