"Can I ask you a question?"



I think my father, Mike MacLeod, has asked me this more times than I can count and I’m certain that he’s been asking long before I can remember. I know this because years ago, after the tragedies of 9/11 and Columbine, my dad found himself asking, “Why do bad things happen?” and, “What can we do to stop them?” He’s always been an inquisitive person who’s not afraid to explore the big questions in life, and for him, answers such as, “I don’t know,” won’t suffice, so he set out to find a different answer. He discovered that people who care can stop bad things from happening and this inspired him to start his company, Status Solutions. My dad believes in the idea that we are responsible for not just the safety of ourselves, but the safety of our entire community and Status Solutions embodies these same principals.


At the core of Status Solutions is the goal to help people protect what matters most, but unfortunately the people that need the most help often aren’t able to get it. For instance, my father knows schools can greatly benefit from SARA, the situational awareness technology we offer at Status Solutions, but many schools have so many expenses and not enough funding to afford it. So he found himself asking a new question, “How can I make it possible for schools to use our technology?” His answer: the School Solutions Network. The School Solutions Network brings together the whole community by connecting schools to various other smaller communities, such as, local law enforcement, businesses, and nonprofits. These local organizations can offer their expertise, time, goods and/or services to local schools and in exchange they will receive increased visibility through being a member of the School Solutions Network. This way schools can get the funds they need to install SARA while local businesses get valuable exposure through The Network Directory.


Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to solve our own problems that we don’t realize the solution can be found when looking at the bigger picture, or in this case, looking at the bigger community. So now I’d like to ask you a question. What can you do to help?


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